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bracelet braided multi black new-1 copy
Earrings double-1
necklace short goldie sq-1 copy
Arrow Pendant-1 copy
Arrow chain earrings larger copy
Wrap bracelet midnight sky -1 copy
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braided bracelet multi rust square -2 copy
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Cut triangle SS-2 copy

First started in the spring of 2011, the Braids collection brought statement pieces that combined unique handmade braids with the blink of metal, looking for the touch of soft fabrics on the skin and the playfulness of color.

The Arrow collection was introduced the following year, taking a direct cue from the visual aesthetics of the Andean cultures in which Sol was raised.

With time, these two collections have evolved and intertwined, creating a wide range of pieces that are both hard and soft and mix very well with the noisy city life, the silence of a dry landscape, and the exuberance of a colorful beach.


Catalog SS13-6
Spring 2013
Sol del Sur Catalog SS13-3
Sol del Sur Catalog SS13-4
Sol del Sur Catalog SS13-5
Sol del Sur Catalog SS13-6
Catalog SS13-1

Nudo and Flecha. Nudo is attachment, Flecha is direction and movement.

Essential colors, looking to merge landscapes into a little bit of us. Sparkling bits of water and stone, the roughness of the soil. How small we are, and how simple everything is, in the end.


Sol Catalog 2014-04 72dpi
Sol Catalog 2014-04 72dpi 2
Sol Catalog 2014-04 72dpi 3
Sol Catalog 2014-04 72dpi 4
Sol Catalog 2014-04 72dpi 5
Sol Catalog 2014-04 72dpi 6
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The woven collection was conceived the very next day I moved to New York in the Summer of 2013, and very much fueled by the city itself. Not only having access to new suppliers, but the geometry and efficiency of the landscape, and my eternal need to soften hard materials played a very important role in my creative mindset. Once I saw images of work by Austrian designer Carl Auböck, I had to run for it.


Wrap rings-3 copy
Photobooth doble neutral
bangle nebula black 2 copy
Long wrap earrings black on black-1 copy
SolDelSur wrap long necklace neutral copy
Wrap rings copy
bangles nebula
Photobooth doble warm
Short wrap earrings lilac-3 copy
Wrap ring copper-1 copy
wrap long necklace warm-2 copy

Pairing the soft touch and shape of textiles with hard edges and finishes of metal, sourcing parts and pieces from unexpected or unusual origins, and coloring with neutral tones and color splashes, this collection shows how opposites can make great pairings, and how contrast reinforce each other qualities. (Which can be happily applied to people, too: always a goal of Sol del Sur).

Main materials: leather, silk, brass.


weavings low-res-3
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weaving round bwleather1-1
weaving round bwleather1-2
Primero titulo
weaving round red leather-1
weaving round puffy clouds-1
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