Sol del Sur is the jewelry line by Chilean designer Soledad Proaño.

Starting from an early age Sol had an instinct for making things, which she put to good use as a teenager, when she hitchhiked throughout Chile during summers selling beaded jewelry and leather goods that she made herself. Right after finishing her engineering studies, a course in color studies brought her back to this early passion for design and craft. Moving between the two for a while, it was relocating to the US that gave her a chance to take her passion more seriously. The line of jewelry Sol del Sur was started in 2009.

Sol obtained a certificate in metalsmithing and took other design and art courses at Pasadena City College in California, before moving to Brooklyn, NY in the Summer of 2013. All her jewelry is made by hand in her light-filled studio in Bushwick.


The peace and joy that comes from the solitude and quietness in the open landscapes she visited as a teenager is what she tries to recreate in her pieces. The subtleties of colors and textures found in nature that mix with the motifs and color ways of the native cultures is how all this translates into her designs.The result is jewelry that is not strident, that shows that richness is in the little details, which is an idea that many cultures from around the world share.

When buying our supplies we always look for three things: smaller suppliers, US made, and environmentally aware products. For more info about our materials, click here.

Sol del Sur jewelry is available locally at independent and museum shops in the US, as well as worldwide through and more recently, at